Saturday, 15 December 2012

കവിത: ഫുള്‍ മൂണ്‍

 വാക്ക്: ടോണി ജോസ്; വര: ഓറിയോണ്‍

ഒരു പരീക്ഷണം

ഒരു പരീക്ഷണം... മലയാളത്തില്‍...

'മ'യുടെ വളവുകളില്‍
ഒരു കയറ്റം
പിന്നെ ഴ'യുടെ ഇറക്കം.

വാക്ക്: മേഹെറിന്‍ റോഷനാര, വര: ഓറിയോണ്

Last will and testament

In the end,
When I am finally at peace,
Cremate me.
Take my ashes,
Mix it with glue,
Paint a picture...
That of a smiling child.
I want to live forever
In a smile.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Dreaming open-eyed...

Every lesson the 'World' teaches us, every Holy book, every set of these... These seemingly perfect 'rules' that have been set for us by all of them drives us more into the system, doesn't it? Study throughout your childhood, read from books that are never going to get you anywhere beyond that one system it is intended for. Graduate, have sex, get a job, socialize, go to pompous clubs and be a gold-class member, drink, have kids, buy stuff, buy more stuff, pose... Die. there's an unending list of drama that we act everyday. Some are good actors at smiling while others are at crying. Some keep their shirts pressed, nails clean and spit at a less fortunate being. Some kill. And each and every actor is chained in there- in that monstrous clockwork that we know by the name the 'World'.
Where did freedom die for the humankind? Where did it die forever? Have you ever had a feeling to let go and walk away into "nothingness" as defined by the world? Be at peace with yourself... Be free... Fly away... Watch the sunset... Sleep in the mud under the rain... Eat a fruit plucked out of a low hanging tree... Bathe in a river... Take a dump in the bush... Walk naked... Make love to someone like you mean it... Kiss... Smile... Laugh... Sing... How would it feel to just snap out of your tether and float over hills and valleys like a kite?
Well... It's all just a dream, ain't it? There are too many chains that we're tied with. If you break everything else the World ties you with the strongest bonds. There's a stupid heart that would cheat you with obligations and duties that you need to fulfill. I most probably would and fail there at that. Duties...